New Service

All customers requesting new service must apply in person at Fosters-Ralph Water office.

If the service has a meter in place prior to the service being turned on the customer must:

• complete an application for service
• pay a customer meter deposit
• if customer has an outstanding balance, this will also need to be paid at this time.

If the service location does not have a meter in place, in addition to the above requirements, the customer must pay an installation fee.

The amount of the installation fee is as follow:

3/4 ” meter: $920.00
1″ meter: $1,080.00
Above 1″ meter total cost of meter and material plus the current hourly rate for backhoe service and labor.
Because Highway 11 is a state right-of way meters set may have addition cost to be determined at time of installation.

Termination of Service

When a customer requests a termination of service, he/she must notify Fosters-Ralph Water. Upon notification, we will complete a disconnect order, turn off the meter, and take a final reading.

We will apply the customer meter deposit to the final bill and refund the credit will be sent to the customer at their forwarding address.