Fosters-Ralph Water Authority
Revised 12/17


Fees are subject to change at the discretion of the Board.

Installation charge for a 3/4 inch water meter is $920.00, 1-inch water meter is $1080.00
*** This charge is not refundable.

A deposit of $150.00 is to be paid before water is turned on. This will be applied to your “final” bill in case you move. Any credit will be mailed to you at your forwarding address.

If meter will not pressure up when we cut service on, we will cut meter back off and flag. Make sure all faucets are turned off and manually cut valve on at meter, you may need a screw driver or pliers to help with turning the valve.

Once service is activated, you will be charged at least a minimum bill whether you use water or not. All water bills are mailed out the last day of each month and are due on the 20th. After the 20th , a late fee of 10% is charged. Please remember to leave us access to the meter, do not block it in any way.

“PAST DUE “accounts will be cut off unless a payment is IN THE OFFICE BY THE 20th. If you do not receive a bill during the first week of the month, please call our office to get your balance.

Payments can be made at www.fostersralphwater.com FEE ASSESSED

If your water is cut off because of non-payment, you must pay entire balance, a $50.00 reconnect fee, plus update your deposit (if it is lower than current deposit), to have your water turned back on.

You may be charged for any damage that may occur to the meter box, to the meter, or any other component within.

Other Fees: $30.00 “returned checks fee”
$75.00 “tamper fee”

If we have a check returned to us on an installation, deposit, or reconnect, your service will be automatically terminated until this matter is cleared up.

If you receive a bill that you believe is too high, please check for leaks first, then call our office at 205-758-0908, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.

Our water is measured in “cubit feet”, not in gallons. To find how many gallons you have used, multiply the “usage” on your bill by 7.48.

Payments may be processed same day.
Work orders will be handled in a timely manner.

To report possible water leaks along roadways or if you are suddenly without water call 205-758-0908, after hours please call 205-361-1399.

Save Money! – Conserve Water!
Find Leaks! & Fix them!
“Please keep for your information”

Check meter:
With all the water faucets off, go to the water meter and look for a black and silver circle in the middle of the meter. Watch to see if it is moving. It may not move at first. You may have to watch it for FIVE MINUTES OR MORE. If it moves at all, you have a leak!

Check toilets:
More often than not, a high water bill is due to a leaking toilet. Add food coloring to the tank. Wait 10 minutes. If dye appears in toilet bowl, your toilet is leaking. Check water level inside the toilet tank, if it is too high, it may be constantly running down the tube inside the tank.

Repair leaks:
A leaking toilet is hard to detect & can waste hundreds of dollars a month! One dripping faucet can waste thousands of gallons of water per year. Watch for wet places on ground from meter to house. Your underground line could be leaking! Keep a check on water at barns and water troughs.

Change your habits:
Do not leave water running while brushing your teeth or washing dishes. Take shorter showers! Use water-saving devices! When washing your car, rinse your car once, turn off water and wash from a bucket of soapy water. Rinse quickly again.